Tuesday, 23 April 2013

First Meeting - Notes

Well thats the first one out the way. Ian at the Masons arms kindly let us use the back room and even supplied a large bowl of delicious chunky chips free of charge! As it turned out we could have just used a normal pub table, since the actual number of folk was only 5  - including myself! Considering the amount of hits I have been getting on the website and especially on the meeting post, maybe I had built my expectations up to an unreasonable level.

To say I was not dissappointed would be a lie. But it could have been worse - I might have been sat all alone looking like a lost tourist... Fortunately a chap I had already met came and brought three more who all share the same interests...and to say we had a lively and varied discussion would be an understatement.

It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening with Alan, Sarah, Peter and Brian. Photos were shared, ideas put forward, personal songs/albums, musical tastes compared, and lots of anecdotes too. I did intend to take a few pictures but totally forgot as we were engrossed in various topics.

Eventually we decided it would be worth meeting again, and I comforted myself on the way home with the thought 'that from small acorns do large oaks grow'.

So i will arrange another 'official' meeting again sometime in the next three months, and I might have another poster/flyer blitz in York to promote it.  

Friday, 5 April 2013


OK, first meeting date has been arranged and is open to anyone who wants to come along and see who we are and what we want to do.




Hopefully we can have a good turnout, I know of at least 10 people for definite that they intend coming, so any more will be a bonus! I am going to loosly facilitate it, but there is no agenda as such for this first get together.

As we arrange a more regular schedule when can hear about special items and members interests etc. I do have the facility to borrow a PC projector and large screen so we can have DVD or web items viewed and maybe members' private pictures or slideshows.

But that is for future meetings, lets get the first one out of the way and break the ice!!!


Just Added NEW page section...

Yes I have just added a new page section to the website. I was going to put it on the Beatles Art page but it seemed worthy of a whole page to itself as it may expand in the future.

Its all about how the Beatles have been perceived through the Comic Book medium. I didn't realise it myself at first but theres a whole genre out there, from trashy 60's love sick girls and romances to 1990s unofficial 'biographies', and i use that term very loosely....anyway have a look...here's a taster:

I still need to add the 'Beatles Cars' pages as I have quite a few images now to use. I am also going to add a new page on 'Beatle Suits' as they help to identify specific times and places, and believe me that is a BIG section to cover.

All in good time.