Beatles Art

I have put up a selection of images found by browsing the internet and typing in 'Beatles Art'. Theres so many its difficult to choose what to pick from, but there is also a lot of trash and amateur stuff out there. Coming from a strong art and design background I luv some of the following pieces, some are hand-drawn, some are clever digital renderings and some are pure nostalgia. My favourites will not be someones elses choice, but being ''ART'' I am sure its all in the eye of the beholder... I will add some more as time goes on, and anybody who is reading this and has done some art based on the band, let me know and I can post it here. The street wall art is great and the Beatles drawn as naughty kids is brill but I think the Abbey Food one is very clever.... but my favourite has got to be the magic circles one...stand back and sqint and it all works! (Click on them to expand).


Here's some more for your perusal....

And yet more...

And some more, it seems like certain photos have become icons in their own right, the Abbey Road cover is more than just a picture and has spawned a multitude of graphic and imaginative derivatives, or the White Album photos, another is the Beatles for Sale image, it seem you can have just some haircuts and face outlines and still recognise them as the Beatles....just great!  One Direction have a long,long way to go before they achieve this kind of status.

Just love the simplicity of this image.. its 60's, its cool, its Oasis, its Mount Rushmore, its just class

Dont know why theres no George...

Very humourous...bizarrely enough the Beatles contemplated a movie version of the Lord of the Rings after Mystery Tour, with the four of them playing the lead roles, but like many of their dreams it never got beyond the suggestion stage...
Here is some further images I have come across on my web travels. An interesting selection, ....I was thinking why the Beatles have inspired so many artists and designers to use them as their inspiration over the last 50 other rock band has really done what they have done, except perhaps Bowie, who has created art for arts sake, both within his music and in his appearance.

Another nice simple graphic  - would luv this on a t-shirt.

A contemporary style as japanese 'manga' - looks nothing like them tho....
This is an interesting picture, it was originally intended as the cover for what became the 'White Album' painted by 60's artist Richard Hamilton. Called 'The Dolls House' it was eventually decided after the conceptual design of 'Sgt Peppers' to go simple and stark, the only Beatles album not to have their pictures on the front, (excepting the 'Oldies But Goldies' 1966 compilation).
Loving this caricature of them  - made about the time of the anthology stuff...

I have just bought this book from ebay, now a rare item, it originally accompanied the 1984 Liverpool exhibition of Beatles Art. I think it encompasses all I am trying to say about their influence on the art world, and I just can't wait to read it!

 AUG 15th. Its been a while, but here are some more art images i have been collecting over the last few months, theres probably enough new ones for two sets, so i will add the first new lot now. I have still not got around to putting the hi-res images i found of the Marvel comic i  came across on the web, its quite a lot of pages and I will probably dedicate a temporary new page for you to read them from. Anyway enjoy these art images, again i find that certain photos or album covers are always being used as inspiration for 'reworking' into new artistic images... I am certian you will recognise them when you see them.

Here's the second set of stuff i have found, there is some quite deep religious symbolism in some of these pictures, I dont know if they quite deserve this treatment, i'm sure they wouldn't want to be have been perceived as religious icons....but then again art is in the eye of the beholder and should be seen as personal to the artist and not the viewer.



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    1. hey theres loads more to come yet...just gathered my next batch and theres some really good stuff - so watch this space!