Welcome to the York Beatles Appreciation Society.
The aim of this society is to get like-minded people together who share a love of the Beatles and would be interested in sharing thoughts and themes associated with the group.
I hope it will be open to all ages and all interests, I would like to have a bi-monthly meeting in York where we can meet face to face and indulge ourselves in a light hearted, relaxed evening.


  1. brilliant idea and a brilliant page. Shared it on facebook and my own blogs to get more people aware and to get some of the younger generation involved. People say they hate the Beatles because they are 'overrated' but without the beatles we wouldnt have bands such as Take That or even Black Sabbath! p.s love ya dad!

  2. Thanx Charl. you tell em! I think the fact they are still being 'discovered' by the younger generation is testament to their longlasting influence on pop/rock music and song composing...