Beatles Art 2

Welcome to the 'Beatles Art Page 2'.
I have had to add a new page because the original one is getting a bit long to scroll down and is taking time to upload, so rather than keep adding the images its easier to start from scratch! To tell the truth i should really separate it into its constitute sections,  the Beatles, John, Paul, George and of course Ringo, but looking back it will really take too long now...

Never mind, enjoy, and please continue to add your views, I welcome your comments.
I have found so much more to add again, - this could be page 2 of many more!!

just love this, style, graphic, colour and concept.

some more 'community' graffiti...still timeless.

Again i think this is great.. use of black and white linework, excellent

beatles music in graphic symbolism...where else could this be done!

A demonic twist on the Love design... Lennon would enjoy the humour and the reverse message i'm sure 

Beatle lampshades.... er, unusual

A 3d compliment to the fab four, now imagine that on the M62....
Another set of images for you to enjoy... most of this set are taken from a website called DeviantART. This is a website that allows artists, photographers, designers or indeed anyone to show their work, - some are excellent, some are mediocre and some are just romantic fantasies indulged by the artists themselves. Again though, it all helps to illustrate the breadth of the Beatles influence, indeed it trancends anything the Beatles themselves could ever have hoped for or, achieved back in the APPLE days of the late sixties.

I have aways thought that the APPLE organisations raison de etre (founded to help new artists find an outlet thru music, writing, films, poetry, electronics etc) was the blueprint which allowed the likes of MICROSOFT, APPLE (MACINTOSH), EBAY, AMAZON, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER and the rest to actually get established. Just a shame the technology was not there for the Beatles to exploit that... just imagine if the internet existed then -  how they could have cut the 'suits' and 'corporates' out and published direct to the public, something John would have loved and certainly championed.

It's been a long time.. (to quote a beatles song) but i have finally gotten round to finding and uploading some more artworks from the webworld. There are some quite good characatures in this lot and some really nice portraits. Can you spot the VIZ one?
Lets have a look shall we...

An unusual stained glass one above - would be great in a front door panel!

Looks like the one above has been a stencil cutout and paint splattered onto the wall, a great idea and very effective, love the finished result and the colours....


  1. Most I've never seen before, I love the 'Hate', 'Lampshades' and 'Ten years'

  2. How much is the last photo with all of their faces worth?