Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bootlegs back at York

Hi folks, i cant believe its been so long since my last xmas hello posting - still, the long, cold, dark nights are beginning to shorten and i feel like i am coming out of that winter hibernation...ROLL ON spring and summer!

Yes the Bootleg Beatles are back in York on March 29th. I've got my tickets, have you?

We bought ours just after xmas to make sure we could get some good seats, as last time we were quite a distance away. I'm taking our lass this time as she has never experienced their music played on a live performance, and although she is not a pure Beatles fan (she's a kind of Beatlemuggle), i am sure she is gonna be blown away by the almost 'authentic' sound and showmanship of the band.

What else is there to report since my last post? Well firstly, my Dell Laptop passed away.

Well when i say passed away, its brain (the hardrive) had a seizure and failed to boot up, so anything on there was lost to eternity, all my Beatle art pics i had saved for future posting, all my reference material was gone too. So as you might say i was well and truely p****d off by this. I have replaced the old drive with a new one, so in the immortal words of Dr Victor Frankenstein: lives, it lives... But it is a small consolation for what i had not managed to back up (....yes, yes, I know one should back up all one's precious files, i do it all the time on my G5 mac).

There's Beatle convention in Liverpool in August (24th), so gonna try and tie that in with a visit to family in Chorley that week (see you there Alan, probably see you at Barbican too).

Now i suppose i had better go and find all those Beatle art images again... hello Google!